Conferences & Board Meetings

Save precious time and money by hosting your conference online! No need to chase up important keynote speakers months in advance or spend exuberant prices to organise your live event. Virtual conferences remove all time & budget constraints for your attendees. Extra motivation for them to sign up and get the latest industry trends & insights while sipping their coffee. Boost your reach and delight your viewers with our interactive, virtual platform built with cutting-edge technology.

Why Webble-Up?

Looking for a virtual conference room to hold lively discussions or a professional platform to discuss company strategy? Our platform is built with scalability in mind. Go big or keep it intimate. Whatever your wishes, we can fully customise our virtual event space to suit your needs. Our innovative, interactive features and networking tools ensure there won’t ever be a dull moment!

Valuable data

Virtual conferences lend themselves perfectly to data tracking. Of course, in full compliance with GDPR and the strictest security requirements! Get data on the movements of your attendees and have it presented on our simple dashboard. These analytics are valuable tools to improve lead generation or to assess engagement and improve the success rate of your upcoming events. All content, documents and event recordings are owned by you.

A seamless & dynamic experience

Both the event organizer and attendees are guaranteed a hassle-free experience with our all-in-one event platform! Our slick networking tools will dazzle your audience, and interactive features like live chat, polls, Q&As, and even emojis will hold their attention. Additionally, a live support team is on hand throughout the event to address any technical difficulties.

Hassle-free break-out rooms, straight from the browser

There is no requirement for your viewers to download an app or open a new account in order to join a meeting! Our breakout spaces are browser-based only. Additionally, you can be certain users have joined the correct meeting by preassigning them to particular rooms. Get rid of delays and offer a lively setting where participants can interact and develop deeper connections. You may improve the experience even more by blurring your background, creating a custom layout, or sharing your screen.

What can you do on Webble-Up?

A demo of the feature "Extensive analytics"

Extensive analytics

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Turn your events into a success story thanks to our extensive analytics! Consult the number of participants, the location at which they watched the event, the number of logins and the number of interactions: did they join the live chat, the Q&A or were the emoji’s most popular? For every session, we’ll provide you with statistics so you can glean valuable insights. Evaluate where you achieved the highest engagement and which areas can be improved. Want a record for future reference? Export your data at the click of a button.
A demo of the feature "Break-out rooms"

Break-out rooms

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Want to create a cosy environment to enhance engagement? Break-out rooms are an easy & simple way to introduce some interactivity and foster a meaningful relationship with your attendees! They split up your event into smaller sessions, creating a more personal feel and introducing an element of privacy so your viewers are more inclined to interact and participate.
A demo of the feature "Networking Tools"

Networking Tools

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Networking doesn’t just happen during the breaks or at the bar! Agreed, there’s nothing quite as powerful as face-to-face interactions. But the number of people you can physically talk to at an event is limited! With our networking tools, we’re recreating the offline experience and unlocking a whole host of virtual networking opportunities.
A demo of the feature "Live engagement"

Live engagement

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Did you know your viewers can now react to a live stream with emoji’s? It’s a simple but effective way to up the fun factor! This is just one of our many interactive features we include to enhance the experience and boost user engagement. Of course there’s also the possibility for direct interaction through live chat, polls and Q&A’s. The interactive bits of your event can also be used on a second screen, their mobile devices.

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