Dry webinars that bore viewers to tears are a thing of the past! At Webble-Up, we offer you an all-in-one platform tailored to your needs: from a striking single web page to an elaborate event & communication platform fit to host and keep thousands of viewers all around the world hanging on the edge of their seats. Choose among countless interactive features or have them custom-made especially for you. If you can think it, we can provide it.

Why Webble-Up?

Did you know that a sleek webinar platform with efficient interactive features doesn’t need to break the bank? Get exactly what you need, according to your budget and customized to your style so that it appears that the platform was made by you. We put you in the spotlight! But we go so much further than custom themes & branding. Unlock our interactive possibilities to wow your viewers and keep them hooked from start to finish.

A wide range of interactive features

Get instant feedback with live polls so your speakers can adjust their presentation on the fly. Or crowdsource questions from your participants and let them vote for the ones they want answered. Today, so many interactive options exist to delight your viewers and keep them focused on the subject you’re bringing. They’ll even forget they own a smartphone. Except, of course, in those moments you actually want them to use it! Choose the interactive features that best suit your event: from quiz questions, polls and ratings to Q&A’s and even emoji’s.

Beyond a webinar platform

Go for a simple but striking web page or scale it up. A small, intimate online audience or hundreds of thousands of viewers that need translation in their various languages… We can do it all. Want to extend the user experience beyond the event itself? Why not add in a video or document library for your viewers to consult?

What can you do on Webble-Up?

A demo of the feature "Networking Tools"

Networking Tools

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Networking doesn’t just happen during the breaks or at the bar! Agreed, there’s nothing quite as powerful as face-to-face interactions. But the number of people you can physically talk to at an event is limited! With our networking tools, we’re recreating the offline experience and unlocking a whole host of virtual networking opportunities.

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